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Laponie Aquaservice is an innovative supplier of new vessels for on-site operations and inspection services within the international fish farming industry. The vessels are developed based on 35 years operational experience from the international fish farming industry. The company’s key focus area are new state-of-the-art vessels specially adapted to the industry and customer’s needs.


The key personnel in the company holds extensive operational and financial competence from the international fish farming industry, and have worked in all phases of the value chain for years.


Laponie Aquaservice offers specialized service vessels in different sizes with main focus on the fish farming industry, designed for the clients need:


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Please contact COO Martin Brune Pedersen for further information, email:,
cell: +47 406 93 150, or Håkon Volden, email:, cell: +47 958 92 100


No need for jet water washing


A major challenge for the salmon farming industry is the extensive use of jet water cleaning of the nets in sea and the consequential damage this causes regarding fish health and environmental waste.


Based on this Laponie Aquaservice has developed an innovative and unique concept to avoid jet water flushing and in general significant lower production cost. We have moved the complete net service function on-site to a new flexible and unique 40 meter service vessel (take net out of the sea, net cleaning, net control and repairing, drying, antifouling, certification and put net back in sea). This make it possible to change the nets on site when the antifouling still is working but about to lose its effect, and before jet water cleaning is needed. This keeps the right environment and oxygen level for the fish, and in the end prevent fish health and improve feed conversion.


Use of a net service vessel creates major benefits for the farmers,

from both a biological, environmental and financial point of view:

  • Reduced production cost

    • Our solution gives major cost savings compared to the jet water washing solution used today:
    • All net service including changing of the net is done directly at the sea site
    • The net service provided to the client is cheaper per kg biomass produced
    • Lower FCR
    • Reduced starving days versus jet water washing  =>  More biomass
    • Lower mortality


    • Other benefits:
    • One operational task less to think about and more time for focus on the fish
    • Reduced net investments and improved cash flow position
    • Longer lifetime on the net due to no jet water washing
    • Lower fuel cost - diesel electric propulsion, hybrid solution (battery)
  • Improved fish health

    • Improved environmental conditions and fish health for the fish when not using jet water washing (gills, diseases, stress etc)
    • The spreading of micro organism caused by jet water washing can be a major disease carrier including spreading of sea lice larvae
    • Limited engine noise due to use of hybrid system will reduce fish stress
  • Improved environmental conditions

    • Each vessel will reduce copper waste - up to 80 tones per year
    • All dangerous environmental toxins are collected and delivered at refuse disposal plant
    • Disinfection of the hull with "harmless" ozone reduces the risk of infections when moving between locations. No need for dry docking
    • Hybrid Solution reduces environmental pollution on site during operations
    • Re-use of waste heat from main engine will partly be used for net drying
    • Wastewater treatment
  • Stand by vessel in emergency situations

    • The vessel is also designed for use as stand-by vessel
    • The equipment on deck is constructed based on the principle of “Lego” system and can easily be craned onshore with own cranes to prepare the vessel for other tasks in an emergence situation or other operations like debugging, silage, mooring work etc.
  • Flexible use of the vessel

    • Very flexible solution. 275 m2 work deck can within few hours be rigged and prepare the vessel for other tasks:
    • net service (storage capacity for nets on board based on customers need)
    • delicing (space and capacaty for 3 A frames with delicing equipment installed)
    • mooring operations in stand by situations or normal operations
    • launching of cages in sea
    • approved for towing big feeding barges legally  (25T bullard pull)
    • traditional service operations
    • stand-by vessel for emergency situations


    • The innovative and integrated ozone treatment solution eliminates the need for drt docking
    • ASC certification
    • The vessel can operate world wide

Nethandling equipment on the vessel


1. Net cleaner

  • 52m3 net cleaner


2. Dryer/net treatment

  • New and patented combined dryer and treatment machine for effective treatment and drying
  • Capacity of up till 2 nets per day


3. Disinfecting system

  • The vessel will be equipped with chemical free disinfection system bases on use of ozone
  • The system makes it is possible within 6 hours to disinfect all tanks, sea chest, hull etc in open sea. No need for dry docking


4. Cleaning of all wash water and waste handling


5. Smaller service vessel to assist in supplementary work and ROV inspection down to 300 meters



Please contact COO Martin Brune Pedersen for further information, email:,
cell: +47 406 93 150, or Håkon Volden, email:, cell: +47 958 92 100







  • CEO Laponie AS
  • Former Deputy CEO in Grieg Seafood ASA
  • Former Chairman in Volden Group AS
  • MSc in International Business
  • 30 years experience from the from the fish farming industry




  • Captain from Aalesund Maritime School
  • Long experience as captain and chief officer on offshore vessel (offshore, ROV/diving, anchor handling and towing)




  • Chairman and owner of Laponie AS
  • Former CEO in Grieg Seafood Finnmark AS
  • Former CEO in Volden Group AS
  • 30 years experience from the fish farming industry








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